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Midwest Storm Cleanup - Upper Midwest, USA

A rash of early winter storms leave destruction in their wake as the holidays approach.


November 18, 2013 - As the upper Midwest digs out from the rash of destructive storms Primary Source Electric crews are already on the ground helping with the cleanup effort. Deployed within hours of the destruction our crews have been on-site since the beginning of the recovery effort working closely with local and regional authorities to get services restored and businesses and residences back up and running as quickly as possible.

Winter Storm Nemo - New England, USA

Another winter storm pounds the East Coast during the 2012-2013 winter storm season.


February 7, 2013 - As super storm Nemo was bearing down on New England, Primary Source Electric's teams were already deployed to assist with the rebuilding of the power grid and infrastructure even as the snow was beginning to fly. Super storm Nemo is the latest in what has proven to be a severe and destructive winter storm season for 2012-2013. PSE's mobile restoration teams were instrumental in the rapid response and restoration of power to thousands of homes in the wake of the worst winter storm to hit New England in 40 years.

Storm Restoration - Eastern Seaboard, USA

Some of the devastation inflicted by super storm Sandy


Nearly a million Con Edison customers and 250,000 Orange and Rockland customers lost power and heat as a result of the davastation wrought by super storm Sandy. Then a snowy nor'easter gave the area a second punch.

PSE answered the call and joined countless men and women as we responded to this unprecedented challenge. We worked alongside other crews and those from around the country and Canada to restore power to

these storm ravaged areas.

Solar Farm Project - Tucson, AZ

A brand new solar farm outside of Tucson, AZ


PSE was instrumental in deploying and building out a new state of the art solar farm project outside of Tucson, Arizona.

Hurricane Sandy ravaged our region and left more than a million of our customers in the dark. The epic storm brought devastation unlike anything we've seen before and hope never to see again. But your support, and the incredible skill and camaraderie of your utility workers, allowed us to get our customers back in service.


~ Kevin Burke

CEO, conEdison



Line Repair


Part of our regular grid maintenance services, line repair and maintenance is a primary function undertaken by PSE on a regular basis.

Grid Maintenance - Front Range, CO

One of our Primary Source Electric crew hot stickin' along the Front Range during routine grid maintenance.


Primary Source Electric has been involved with the maintenance of the Front Range grid deploying and doing whatever needs to be done often on a moments notice. Safety, service and reliability are the hallmarks of any project undertaken by PSE.

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